Inspiration And Special Olympics

Commitment, hard work, dedication, hours and hours of practice and a clear goal in mind, is the life of an athlete. Good health, proper nutrition and being of strong mind and body is essential to keep the machine working. Every athlete looks for inspiration and fortitude to stay on their path.

Today, I had one of the most wonderful sporting experiences and it has really touched my heart and soul.

I was invited to attend a special function as a Sports Celebrity. This special function was the 2010 Special Olympics Festival, more specifically, a fundraising breakfast for Special Olympics.

There were a great many accomplished celebrities there, professional athletes, legends in various fields, the sporting elite and TV personalities, all to support Special Olympics, its Organization and its athletes.

We were there not only to show support but to inspire these special athletes. I was anxious to attend and to give of my time to help in any way I could. Doing the “Meet and Greet” and signing autographs for the long line of fans was something that I enjoyed more today than ever before. The reason? I was given such a wonderful gift today. I came away from this event so enlightened and so inspired. I have never before experienced such a wonderful group of people. There was so much positive energy in the room, there was so much love and there was a tremendous amount of joy in the air.

I have usually been invited to events to give inspiration to the attendees. Little did I know, that I would be the one inspired today. I was privileged to speak to many wonderful people today and to hear the stories from the athletes and their families. We shared some wonderful memories and everything was so positive. I have never felt such a positive energy and it amazingly filled the entire grand ballroom.

If you ever get the opportunity, I urge everyone to get involved with this great cause. Special Olympics needs our ongoing support but I believe that everyone who becomes involved with helping out, will benefit the most from this uplifting experience. I thank the Organizing Committee for all of their hard work and dedication in making today’s event so successful. It was absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful for today’s invitation, it has opened my eyes and made me realize how “Special” these Special Olympic Athletes and their families truly are. Check it out, get involved, it will do you so much good.

Barbara Berezowski is an Olympian, Hall of Fame Inductee and an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. Barbara’s goal is “To Inspire Those Who Desire” as she delivers her meaningful messages of encouragement and inspiration with the integrity and credibility of a champion. Please visit [] for further information on this sports celebrity and how to book Barbara to speak at your next event.

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