Athletes With Exercise-Induced Asthma

There are a lot of athletes suffering from asthma but once their asthma is controlled, they can perform at their peak level. It is highly recommended for athletes with this condition to go though a prolonged warm up activity instead of doing a sudden performance.

Prevention is always the best way to manage an asthma attack because once the airway is already tightened, only 50 percent of athletes will experience relief.

Proper hydration is also the key to a relaxed airway because dehydration can tighten airways.

Athletes need to be involved in an activity that can help increase your heart rate such as jumping jacks, biking, and jogging. These simple but effective activities can help prevent exercise-induced asthma. A 10 minute warm up exercise is highly recommended followed by an increase in the capillary flow. This method warms and also hydrates an airway.

One great technique is called pursed-lip breathing. This is done by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your pursed lips producing a slow, blowing-like action for about four seconds.

This technique is so powerful and effective because it helps to slow your heart rate creating a back pressure to the airway forcing the oxygen into your bloodstream.

When paired with muscle relaxation, this two can ease the tightening of the muscles in the airway. To prevent common breathing problems on athletes, he or she should strengthen specific muscle groups in the neck, shoulder, and even the chest wall. An athlete needs to have strong muscles in those areas as well as learn how to do some muscle relaxation.

If you an athlete with exercise-induced asthma, you need to have a one-on-one session
with an experienced personal trainer to create a special exercise program for your needs.

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