2012-3-01 New Website Has Launched

Our New Website Has Launched and is Multi-Everything

March 01, 2012

Our website at http://www.specialolympics.org is a multi-language, multi-platform, social-media friendly site that knows where in the world you are.  

Multi-language: We support pages and navigation in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. We have deep content in those languages in our new Region sections.  Check out the Middle East-North Africa section in Arabic and the Africa section in French.

Multi-platform: We have a version specially formatted for smart phones. Just go to www.specialolympics.org  on your smart phone and you will see.
Social-media friendly: Almost every page features our Special Olympics blog and our Facebook and Twitter updates.

The site knows where in the world you are: We have seven world regions, and our site changes in subtle ways to make people from each region feel more at home on the site. Here’s an example: Go to our Who We Are page. Notice the big picture at the top of the page, the Donate picture in the right column and scroll down a bit to see the Facebook and Twitter feeds. Now, look in the upper right corner and change your Region setting to, say, Africa or Middle East-North Africa. All those elements change!

Take a look at our home page, and notice we have news from every Region. All of our Region Presidents got behind this new website, so now, we have one place for everyone around the world to see what Special Olympics is doing.

The new language and localization features will help us reach farther into the world than ever before. And there are other cool features, too.
• Check out our new Sports and Games main page. Click on a sport name to see the resources beneath.
• We have a new Worldwide Calendar of Events page that is being filled up by people in each Region, even Program personnel, too.
• We are using our slideshows to tell the story of Special Olympics in new ways. Check out Who We Are and Around The World.
• Our Resources.specialolympics.org site has a new easy-to-use index right on the front page.
• We can specify what is promoted at the top of our site search results now: Click to see search results for Torch Run
• And check out this cool master calendar of events, made for insiders only.

Every department has a role to play in our new site, and there’s a lot more interesting stuff than can fit into one email. Look for upcoming events to get more familiar with the new site and how it can be used to tell the story of the Special Olympics movement.

Between promotions on the site, suggested search, integration with core content pages, providing resources for people in the movement, updating our new calendar and posting news stories around the world, we are ready to tell our story like never before.

Got Ideas for Resources?

Resources is your place to get what you need to get things done for Special Olympics. If you have suggestions, don’t keep it in! Share your ideas using the email link below.

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